Monday, August 6, 2012

Rujuta Diwekar and the Blood Group Diet

Hi guys , have been out of action for a while .But I am back with something really interesting .I have a wedding to attend in November and as the saying goes I am "shedding for the wedding ".Or rather have been trying for the last one month following the principles in the book written by Kareena Kapoors dietitian , Rujuta Diwekar .
Her Formula seems pretty simple and elegant :
1. Dont have coffee or tea first thing in the morning.
2. Eat something as soon as you wake up , then breakfast within an hour and then something every two hours
3. Last meal 2-3 hours before bed
4 . Workout every 3 days .
There is more , but for that its best to read her book , "Dont lose your mind , lose your weight".
I am happy to report a loss of 2.5 kg in 4 -5 weeks , which is okay .
Then i heard about another diet which people are raving about , The Blood GRoup diet , where in you eat specific to your blood type. It doesnt have a scientific basis according to the experts , but testimonies across the world have been positive .
So i have decided to combine the two diets , and publish a blow by blow account of my experience on them .I could not find any blogs or youtube videos which do that , although there a lot of reviews of the diet in general  , and almost all of them positive .
I am a A POSITIVE Blood group , so my poisons are meat , wheat and dairy .
These are the food groups on my avoid list .
I'll tell more about the blood group diet in general as i go along , but here i would recap what I did on the first day
Started the day with a small banana, breakfast was two dosas, then a cup of green tea with a handful of peanuts , post workout soy milk smoothie with a scoop of protein powder and apple , lunch was a cup of cooked sona masoori rice and half cup of toor dal , then a cup of real milk tea (slipped here) , and fruit yoghurt for an evening snack .
Dinner was a cup of moong dal and about a cup of aloo shimla mirch subzi
It was tough not eating rotis , and even tougher giving up bread, and the worst was not having my favorite chai . But all of them are on my banned list so...and i dont even want to talk about cheese .
BUt I soldier on , its only been a day . Will be back  with more .