Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hi , so i promised there would be another post dedicated to my favorite breakfast and here it is .My aim is to explain the finer points , which will eventually lead to the best upma in the world .
1.Most important is to dry roast the sooji rawa(semolina) , beforehand . If you don't , the upma ends up tasting like ....raw , sticky , slightly fevicolish.
So how roasted is roasted?Use a flat pan ( preferably non stick and thick bottomed ),and empty all the sooji into it .(Dry roasting the store bought sooji , cooling it and then storing it , keeps it fresh and no pests can thrive in it).On  A LOW TO MEDIUM flame , slowly stir it around for a few minutes till it turns slightly dry and pinkish brown to light brown . If this sounds too much , rest assured that if the sooji spends time in a thick bottomed pan , on a low to medium flame , being turned around and stirred around by you for 5 to 7 minutes , IT IS ROASTED .
2.The vegetables you choose to put in it will give its unique flavor every time . So , spend some time introspecting before you decide to go for broccoli , brinjals , karelas etc . The traditional choices are often best . -onions , peas, tomatoes , cabbage , potatoes .
3 . The Tadka or tempering has to be really fresh , and i mean those mustard seeds should be really sputtering before u add the other stuff, and the ghee or oil has to be hot .( yes u can use ghee instead of oil , especially in winters , if you do , no need to add the extra teaspoon of ghee mentioned in my previous post )
4.Eat it hot and with the sauce or chutney of your choice .Cold Upma - the less said the better.
5.The final consistency , has to be semi moist , so turn off the gas before alll the water dries up before u add the sooji . Then put a lid on it , transfer the pan  to a cooler burner (one which u havent used) on the cooking range and wait for a few minutes before serving.
"I am a maniacal perfectionist . "- MARTHA STEWART

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